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KSZ suports the Greater Bendigo Inter-faith Council, with one KSZ on Committee of Management and another two as members.
The Bendigo Inter-faith Council Statement of Intent

We, as representatives of different faith based communities in Bendigo, offer a common commitment to seek to live together in equality, peace and goodwill.  This desire arises not only from our common humanity but also from our being people of faith.


We affirm our desire to promote understanding, respect and equality of different faiths in Greater Bendigo and celebrate the richness that diversity of beliefs and cultures bring to our community. 


We support human rights of all people, both locally and internationally.


We recognise that as local faith leaders and representatives we have responsibilities to our respective faith based communities, the broader municipality and ourselves. 


We therefore encourage all residents, both religious and non-religious, to put aside intolerance, prejudice and divisiveness, to foster peaceful and inclusive co-existence in the City of Greater Bendigo.


Presented to Mayor of City of Greater Bendigo - Wednesday, 10 December 2014  

Here is a letter in support of the Islamic

Community in Bendigo.

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